CPENT eBook w/ iLabs (Volume 3: Network Penetration Testing)

CPENT eBook w/ iLabs (Volume 3: Network Penetration Testing)

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Access the authorized lab and eBook resources for Certified Penetration Testing Professional (CPENT), developed and authored by EC-Council! (www.eccouncil.org)

This license will provide you with 6 months access to EC-Council's exclusive iLabs portal (access starts post code redemption), and 12 months access to CPENTv1 Volume 3 of 4: Network Penetration Testing via Vital Source. Practice your skills, refine your skills, follow the instructions, or go outside of the instructions. These are NOT simulations and this is one range you will never break!

(Average Time for Course Completion: 18 Hours 30 Minutes)

CPENTv1 - Volume 3 Course Outline:

  • Network Penetration Testing Methodology – External
  • Network Penetration Testing Methodology – Internal
  • Network Penetration Testing Methodology - Perimeter Devices
  • Appendix B – Fuzzing
  • Appendix C – Mastering Metasploit Framework
  • Appendix D – PowerShell Scripting
  • Appendix E – Bash Environment and Scripting
  • Appendix F – Python Environment and Scripting
  • Appendix G – Perl Environment and Scripting
  • Appendix H – Ruby Environment and Scripting
  • Appendix I – Active Directory Penetration Testing
  • Appendix J – Database Penetration Testing
  • Appendix K – Mobile Device Penetration Testing