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EC-Council | Learning Pro Subscription

EC-Council's Premier Video Course Platform

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Popular Courses:

• The Beginner’s Cyber Security Awareness Training Course

• Deep Learning & Neutral Networks Python - Keras for Dummies

• Build a Plug & Play Hacking Box in 3 Hours

• Azure Kubernetes - Deploy ElasticStack (ELK)

• Ethical Hacking/Penetration testing & Bug Bounty Hunting Benefits for Students

Defend Against XSS Attacks with Content Security Policy

• WordPress Hacking Demystified

• Hand-on Penetration Testing With Powershell

• Kali for Penetration Testers

• Hands-on Blockchain App Development with Hyperledger Fabric

• Learn top trending skills from industry experts at all levels.



  1. Enhance your courses with affordable supplemental cybersecurity content.
  2. Assign interim learning for your students in between semesters.
  3. Enable affordable resources for student groups, alumni, or employees.